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After School Tutoring

The After School Program at Battery Creek, with some exceptions, occurs M-F from 4pm until 5pm.

Objective of Program:

BCHS's After School Tutoring Program is designed to assist students with class assignments, homework, and re-teaching content. Certified teachers will be available to assist students in a variety of subject areas, as well as reviewing Google Classroom assignments and checking grades in PowerSchool. 

All students that sign up are welcome to participate in tutoring. 

Student Expectations:

  • Arrive promptly at 4:00 with all materials

  • Be prepared with any missing assignments they have requested from their teacher(s) to work on during tutoring (work will not be provided by the tutors as they are there to assist with assignments)

  • Focus on assignments and work collaboratively with the tutors

  • Listen to directions and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment

  • Use time with tutors wisely and avoid distractions

  • As past due assignments are completed, students will email their teacher(s) to notify them of the completed work to be graded

Failure to follow student expectations may result in permanent removal from tutoring. 

Parent/Guardian Expectations

  • Pick up students no later than 5 PM on tutoring days

  • Communicate and enforce student expectations

  • Discuss missing work and academic progress with the student’s teachers


 Failure to follow expectations may lead to a permanent removal from tutoring. 

Questions? Contact Mrs. Ashley Smith at